Verge live @ Wacken Germany 2017

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Belizean new-metal band, Verge of Umbra, has ranked in the top ten at the Waken Open Air festival, one of the largest music events in the world. Verge of Umbra represented Belize and all of Central America at the festival, placing 6th of 28 contestants. The festival, now in its 27th year, is being held in WakenVillage, Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany. It started on August 3 and its finale will be held on August 5 in. The festival frequently attracts crowds in excess of 80,000 people. Verge of Umbra earned the honor of representing the entire region, by winning the Metal Battle 2017, held in Guatemala City earlier this year. They bested bands such as Heresy of Costa Rica, Dreamlore of El Salvador; G.O.D. of Honduras; Kramer of Guatemala; and VoTraster of Panama, to earn their space at Waken. Verge of Umbra consists of: guitarist, Andres Pineda; drummer, Faith Madubuko; bassist, Lowell Gillett; reggae vocalist, Kernelle Parks, and rap vocalist Jermaine Jenkins.


W: O: Finished just a week and a half ago. With it is also back the Metal Battle International, in which in the first two days, excellent bands are presented which one after another impress each year more the public and the judges. For Central America is proud to announce that this time we achieved the fruit of 7 years of work, achieving the number 6 position, Yes, we succeeded. VERGE OF UMBRA with its Reggae and Metal tones achieved the unthinkable, several of the judges after the announcement approached the band to tell them that they had achieved space number 6 and that many became, already a fan of them. This at the same time to contact them directly with promoters and festivals in Europe, there directly at the Wacken, we bristled the skin and gives us the reward of years to the promoters of the metal battle in general for our effort to the fans for their support, to the bands for their participation and to believe in the project, which since the 2016 edition began to simulate the results of the competition. All criticism of prosecutors and judges fades when as a judge you hear the official results and almost everywhere you listen: "Central America 3 points, Central America 5 points, Central America 2 points, Central America 5 points, final you get to be among the first 10 spaces and only thousandths of achieving one of the 5 posts that the festival rewards. We attach a photo of the official results, (the column on the left, responds to the codes established by control) The official results are, as shown in the image, Mexico first place, first time that Latin American achieves this step, another great accomplishment for the region, with a very traditional group of heavy thrash and with a impressive vocalist, JET JAGUAR, congratulations. Second place for another band with a very own style, a mix of gypsy and metal music gave E-An-Na the second place. The following 3rd, 4th and 5th places also very good in their respective styles, Holland with INFERUM, excellent death metal launch, Iceland, with UNE MISERIE and its very atmospheric metal of those countries and another death band from France, STENGAH they close the five posts that are rewarded. VERGE OF UMBRA from the sixth position, at first a discouragement due to how close it was, but then a great push for the region and the band and the Central American battle metal to tell us that we are present and that our proposals can go even further . Nos queda sólamente el esperar la próxima convocatoria de la Metal Batalla e invitar a los talentos de toda la región nuevamente. Secreto de la calificación, bandas muy buenas en su estilo o bien bandas con un estilo distinto y buena puesta en marcha. Como nos los mencionó el juez de Bélgica, la banda se debe de ver en tarima "como una banda", no como un grupo con un guitarrista o vocal o bateria, etc muy bueno, sino como UNA BANDA. Gracias por confiar en el proyecto y esperamos la convocatoria para recibir a las bandas que quieran proponer su música para llevarla al Wacken e intentar uno de aquellos 5 lugares!!! Felicidades VERGE OF UMBRA, felicidades Belice, Felicidades Promotores, fans y jueces por su coraje a la hora de la toma de decisión!!!


From Germany to Iceland and from Argentina to the USA – 28 Bands from several countries arrived at Wacken to show the audience, as well as the judges, what they were made of and to get a spot on the winners podium. The finalistes were awarded with amazing money- and endorsement prizes. Here are the winners: 1st Place – Jet Jaguar from Mexico 2nd Place E-An-Na from Romania 3rd Place – Infernum from the Netherlands 4th Place – Une Misere from Iceland 5th Place – Stengah from France 6th Place – Verge of Umbra from Belize Congratulations Verge of Umbra, you’ve done us proud!

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Channel 5 "Open Your Eyes"

Verge on Channel 5's "Open your eyes" show

Verge on Channel 5 Belize's "Open Your Eyes" morning show promoting our Album Release Party!Be there!!!!

Posted by Verge Of Umbra on Friday, March 11, 2016

Channel 7 News

If you've followed the musical career of Belizean artist Jenko Veli, you may remember his days as part of the seminal group, Hench Mob. Since then, he's continued to practice his craft, honing his skills as rapper with conscious lyrics.

But, Jenko has decided to once again collaborate with other artists, and he's now a part of the group, Verge of Umbra. Now, it's a bit unusual because this band fuses rock and heavy metal with hip hop and reggae.

They're finished with their latest project, their debut album called "V.O.U." Members of the Band stopped by our office to discuss why they think you'll enjoy their music:

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Today finally comes the third compilation of the page "Children Of Nu Metal International Vol3". Thanks to all the participants that sent us your songs, was an amazing task bring together so many bands of different countries, cultures, and languages.

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